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Perrys Berrys started growing strawberries more than 30 years ago. Their commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in gaining a significant share of the strawberry market. They are the only New Zealand strawberry fruit grower to grow their own plants.

The family-run business recently moved production from near Auckland Airport to a new 30 hectare site in Ardmore. Seeing opportunities to improve their operations, Perrys Berrys engaged Parkland to design, supply and help install their new irrigation system.

“The Ardmore site posed a couple of challenges. The water was sourced from two bores with varying yields, plus two different types of irrigation – drip and sprinkler – were to be used. Switching between their different flow rates would require adjustments to be made at each valve,” explained Dave Pearce, Parkland’s Irrigation Manager. “We needed to find a solution that allowed Perrys Berrys to make irrigation adjustments from a remote location.”



Parkland recommended two irrigation systems that could each be controlled by the same valves, controllers and infrastructure for easier management. This now consists of one system utilising AquaTraxx drip tape and another operating existing TORO AR3 impact sprinklers.

The two water bores are interfaced with a new pumping station, using GRUNDFOS Pumps. This allows for the correct water volumes to be distributed to the drip and sprinkler systems from the bores, ensuring the valves are protected from incorrect water pressures.

An IRRInet control system provides remote access and control, eliminating the need for manual input at each valve, thereby saving a significant amount of time.



The new system’s technological innovation has provided overall peace of mind to Perrys Berrys. The remote access simplifies control, allowing for faster adjustments to changing conditions and a quick response to any problems arising.


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